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Min. Order:10 pcs
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Origin:Made In China

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Product Description

toner cartridge model CHIP FOR Printer  model Page Yield
593-BBBI Compatible chip-DEL 2375dnf/dfw 3K
593-BBBJ Compatible chip-DEL 2375dnf/dfw 10K
332-2115 Compatible chip-DEL C5765dn 18K
332-2118 12K
330-5210 Compatible Chip-DEL 3330DN 7K
330-5207 Compatible Chip-DEL 3330DN 14K
330-8986 Compatible Chip-DEL 3333DN/3335DN 8K
330-8985 Compatible Chip-DEL 3333DN/3335DN 14K
310-5416/310-5417 Compatible Chip-DEL 1600n MFP 3K/5K
593-10237;593-10238  Compatible Chip-DEL 1720 3.5K/9K
310-3543 Compatible Chip-DEL  P1500 6K
310-5401 Compatible Chip-DEL 1700/1700n/1710/1710n 3K/6K
S2500 Compatible Chip-DEL S2500/2500n 10.5K
310-4133 Compatible Chip-DEL M5200/W5300 21K/32K
341-2916 Compatible Chip-DEL W5210n/5310n 21K
PF658/RF223 Compatible Chip-DEL 1815 MFP 5K
593-10289(10293) K Compatible Chip-DEL 3130 9K/4K
593-10290(10294) C 9K/3K
593-10292(10296) M  
593-10291(10295) Y  
224-9632 Compatible Chip-DEL 1130/1133/1135 2.5K
330-2208/330-2209 Compatible Chip-DEL2335/2335DN 3K/6K
331-0611 Compatible Chip-DEL2355dn 10K
330-2044/45 Compatible Chip-DEL5330DN 10K/20K
330-3578 Compatible Chip-DEL1230/1235C 1.5K
331-0778 K Compatible Chip-DEL 1250c/1350cnw/1355cn/13355cnw/C1760nw/ C1765nf/C1765nfw 2K
331-0777 C 1.4K
331-0780 M  
331-0779 Y  
331-0719/0172  Compatible Chip-DEL 2150/2155 Compatible Chip /C/M/Y 3K/1.2K
331-0716/0713 2K/1.2K
331-0717/0714 2K/1.2K
331-0718/0715 2K/1.2K
330-5846  Compatible Chip-DEL C5130cdn K/C/M/Y 18K
330-5850 12K
330-5849 Compatible Chip-DEL C5130cdn  drum K/C/M/Y 50K
593-10873 CHIP-DEL C7130cdn K/C/M/Y 19K
593-10876 20K
330-3110  CHIP-DEL7330dn  toner chip 35K
330-3111 CHIP-DEL7330dn drum chip 60K
330-3789 CHIP-DEL 2145 5K
592-10865/592-10863 CHIP-DEL2330/2350 AP 2K
592-10560/592-10399 CHIP-DEL2330/2350 AU 2K
593-10337/593-10336 CHIP-DEL2330/2350 EU 2K
330-2665/330-2664 CHIP-DEL2330/2350 US 2K
592-10864/592-10861 CHIP-DEL2330/2350 AP 6K
592-10492/592-10344 CHIP-DEL2330/2350 AU 6K
593-10334/593-10335 CHIP-DEL2330/2350 EU 6K
330-2667/330-2666 CHIP-DEL2330/2350 US 6K
331-7328 CHIP-DEL 1265/1260 2.5K
331-7335 CHIP-DEL 1160  EXP  EU 1.5K
332-0399 K Compatible Chip-DEL C1660 1.25K
332-0400 C 1K
332-0401 M  
332-0402 Y  
331-8429 K CHIP Chip-DEL 3760/3765 K/C/M/Y   11K
331-8432 C 9K
331-8431 M 9K
331-8430 Y 9K
331-8421 K CHIP Chip-DEL 3760/3765 K/C/M/Y   3K
331-8424 C 3K
331-8423 M 3K
331-8422 Y 3K
331-8425 K CHIP Chip-DEL 3760/3765 K/C/M/Y   7K
331-8428 C 5K
331-8427 M 5K
331-8426 Y 5K
593-BBBU CHIP Chip-DEL C2660dn/2665dnf NA toner chip   6K
593-BBBT  4K
331-9803 CHIP-DEL B2360/B3460/B3465 MFP   2.5K
331-9805/331-9806 CHIP-DEL B2360/B3460/B3465 MFP   8.5K
331-9807/331-9808 CHIP-DEL B3460      20K
332-0373/332-0376 CHIP-DEL B3465 MFP    20K
331-9797 CHIP-DEL B5460dn/5465dnf  6K
331-9756 CHIP-DEL B5460dn/5465dnf  25K
332-0131 CHIP-DEL B5460dn    45K


Place of origin: Shenzhen,China

Payment: T/T, Western Union,paypal escrow......are acceptable
Packaging: Neutral or Single package by anti-static bags. or as your required
Delivery: Within 3 business days after receive your payment
Shipping way: Shipping by EMS, DHL, FEDEX, UPS... or as you required.
Please pay attention to the regular shipping way which is packaged by the traditional envelop and shipping speed is very slowly .what's more ,the goods  may be damaged during the shipping way .so please take this into consideration when you choose it.

MOQ:10pcs, as the sample order be welcome

Supplier ability: 10, 000, 000pcs/month or meet customer's demand.
Quality: Our quality guarantee is 100% return whenever there is any defective one.
Defective rate: < 0.03%
Replacement: 1:1 replace or refund when you got defective chips.
Warranty: 12 Months
About tax: The buyer is responsible for any taxes or customs duty by import countries, the seller is responsible for any taxes charged by export countries.

Instructions of chips:1. Open the cover and take out the old chip;2. Please do not install chips first, Close the cover, turn on the machine;3. After the light flash, then open the cover and put the new chip inside.
Warning:Please do not install chips when the toner is empty. If all new chips are installed when there a lack of toner it'll easily lead to the results below: 1. falling short of initial capacity;2.lack of printing pages;3.destroying the chips.

Any enquiry ,please feel free to contact me!
Skype: kiki.acrotoner 

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